Best Credit Card in India

Best Credit Card in India in 2017

If you are looking for which credit card is best then continue reading. There are a number of credit card companies in India that offer different types of credit cards in India. Recently I was also looking for a credit card that has simple terms and conditions and good cash back offers. I have done a lot of research to find out best credit card in India and some of the key findings are as below:

  • Which credit card is best for you depends on your requirement.
  • The same credit card doesn’t fit to all.
  • The best credit card for you also depends on what type of shopping you do and where?
  • What is your total yearly spending on credit cards?
  • What type of rewards you are looking for?

So before you apply for a new credit card just keep the above points in mind. This will help you to find best credit card in India that is actually best for you.

What to look for while searching for best credit cards in India?

There are some important factors that you must consider before applying for a new credit card:

  1. Fee: Is the card free or has an annual fee?
  2. Cash back: Does this card offers cash back? If yes, how much?
  3. Security Features: Is the credit card chip based or magnetic stripe based? When possible, always go for a chip and pin credit card. This offers enhanced security.
  4. Credit Limit: What is the credit limit for the card? Make sure it meets your credit requirement.
  5. Interest Rates: What is the interest rates? Compare before you order.
  6. Personalization Features: If you are looking for a credit card with your photo, then check if this feature is available for the credit card. If available then go for a photo enabled credit card as it offers better security.
  7. Offers and Deals: Does this card has some offer? Does the card issuer has some tie up with other brands and offer you specialized deals? Compare with other card offers and go for the one that best suits your need.
  8. Sign up Bonus: Does the credit card has some sign up bonus with it? These days a number of companies are giving sign up bonus in the form of reward points.
  9. Late Payment Charges: This is an other factor that you need to take into consideration while applying for a credit card. Some banks offer a few days grace period (2-3 days) and do not charge a late payment fee.
  10. Customer Support: Last but not least this is one of the most important thing to consider before you apply for a credit card. Good customer support is very much required when you need some information about your credit card, when you have lost or damaged your credit card or you want to do a charge back.

Keep in mind the above factors while searching for a best credit card in India and remember there is not one card that is best for all. It will vary from person to person depending their requirements.

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